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Add audio to photo onine for social media sharing. Make a captivating photo video with music within a few clicks.

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How to Add Music to Photo Online? is a beginner-friendly tool that helps you simply add songs, music or sound effects to your photos and apply transitions, stickers, texts or captions to make a visually appealing photo video within a few seconds.

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    Step 1. Upload Photo or Audio

    Open online video editor on your desktop browser and click the + New Project button at the top right corner. You can select different aspect ratio according to the size of your own photos. After entering the editing interface, click Upload button to upload your audio or photos.

  • add music or photo

    Step 2. Add Music or Photo

    Click on the photos or audio files you've uploaded to add them to the timeline for editing. You can also add transitions, stickers, and even texts and subtitles to make the photo video more natural and visually appealing. If you don't have proper audio for your photos, click Audio button and we have AI music generator to meet your needs.

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    Step 3. Preview & Download

    After generating the photo video, you can preview the photo video you made. If everything is okay, click Export button at the top right corner to download the file you made.

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Standout Features of Photo Video Maker

easy-to-use interface

Easy-to-use Interface

The interface of's online video editor is extremely easy to use. Simply upload your photos and audio, add them to the timeline, and proceed with further editing. It's very beginner-friendly, and even newcomers without video editing experience can use this tool to add music to photos and create a visually appealing photo video.

customize your sound experience

Customize Your Sound Experience

AI music generator is for those who have images but haven't found suitable audio for them yet. You can click on the audio tab and choose to generate your desired music using AI. Or you can input text to generate music. You can also choose from a variety of sound effects from our audio library.

multiple preset aspect ratio

Multiple Preset Aspect Ratio offers many aspect ratio options to tailor to your preferred photo size. Select from 1:1 for Instagram, 16:9 for YouTube, 9:16 for TikTok and more, to seamlessly share your content across different social media platforms.

rich photo and audio formats

Rich Photo and Audio Formats supports nearly all commonly used image and audio formats, greatly expanding the range of files you can import and export.

powerful editing features

Powerful Editing Features

Not only can you use our tool to add song to photo online free, but you can also enrich it further by adding transitions, stickers, text, AI music, and even generating subtitles for your photo video.

integrated rich online ai tools

Integrated Rich Online AI Tools is not only a tool that can add audio to image. You can also enhance your pixelated photos with AI Image Enhancer, and enhance or compress your video after editing and generating the photo video. One-stop solution is offered here for you.

Why Use to Add Song to Photo?

Expand Your Brand on Social Media

Using Photo Video Maker tool, you can effortlessly add music to photo online free and transform photos into captivating videos to attract your target audience. By creating engaging, profitable, and informative clips from your images, you can also broaden your customer base globally. Once created, these photo videos can be shared on your social media platforms to enhance visibility and awareness among your current and potential clientele. Convert your brand and product images into videos for promotion across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

expand your brand on social media

Preserve the Memorable Moments for Personal Enjoyment

By adding song in photo to create a photo video, you can not only preserve precious life moments but also present them with suitable music, adding flavor to your memories. You can also share the video with your family and friends, evoking beautiful memories together.

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FAQs Regarding Song on Photo Online

  • There are no limits on the number of images or audio files you can use with's online tool when adding song to image.

  • You can easily add audio to image online with photo video maker. It allows you to import your images and add your preferred background music. You can even use the built-in editor to trim the audio, add transitions and other effects to make it more attracting.

  • No, there will be no quality loss. When adding music to photos using our online video editor, the tool ensures that the quality of your uploaded photos and audio remains completely intact.

  • lets you create photo video with music online. Just upload your photos or audio files, you can make a beautiful photo video within a few minutes with the handy tool.

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I used the built-in AI music generator in this tool to create a soundtrack for my photos. Guess what? It perfectly matched the mood of my pictures! With almost no editing, I created a photo video that I'm extremely satisfied with.

Isabelle Allen
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I created a beautiful photo video in just a few minutes. This tool is incredibly useful!

Vanesa B
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This tool not only allows you to adjust your uploaded audio but also features a built-in AI music generator to create soundtracks. It's helps a lot.

Alvin Bright
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I was struggling to find a good tool to add music to images, and a friend recommended It turned out to be amazing!

Chris Gilbert
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This tool not only supports the basic feature of adding audio to photos online, but also allows for post-editing of the generated photo video. It suits well for a perfectionist like me.

Sonia Canning
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Add Music to Image Online with AI.

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