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A video overlay or picture-in-picture effect is a video inserted at the bottom or on top of another video. But a video overlay must not necessarily be a video. You can also overlay music, photos, texts, emojis, filters, etc. The main idea is to pass a specific message to the viewer without distracting them. For example, most people use a video overlay in gaming and product explainer videos.
But to create the perfect video overlay, you equally need the best program for this task. One such program is Unlike those intimidating desktop programs, is simple to use and free. It supports multitrack editing, where you can overlay a video with animated texts, auto-subtitles, images, audio, transitions, and more. Also, lets you record HD-quality Webcam videos inside your screen video. In short, it can capture a picture-in-picture effect video. Sounds fantastic? Just give it a go!

How to Easily Add Video Overlays Online?

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    Step 1. Upload Your Media Files.

    Launch and then the Create Video button to upload the video you want to overlay. You can also click Record, then choose Screen & Camera to record and edit a video with face overlay.

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    Step 2. Add and Customize the Video with Overlays.

    Drag the video to the timeline and choose any fastinating overlays from our royalty-free stock library, including transitions, stickers, text, fonts, sound effects, animations, music and so much more. Or, upload an image or audio you want to add. Place them on top of the video. You can also trim the overlays to fit a specific scene on the video.

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    Step 3. Choose the Video Type and Export It.

    Do you want to create a video for YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, and more? Open the drop-down arrow at the top-right corner and choose an aspect ratio. Finally, tap Export to name your video and export it in HD quality.

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Why Choose to Overlay Videos?

Flexible Timeline

Flexible Timeline gives you the freedom to create the best video overlay possible. It offers a Multitrack timeline where you can overlay the video with text, image, effect, music, emoji tracks, etc.

Add Recording Overlay

Add Recording Overlay

With Video Recorder, you can record your computer screen with a webcam overlay. Insert your face to a video to create Picture in Picture effect. This makes it perfect for YouTubers and other vloggers.

Royalty-Free Animated Overlays

Royalty-Free Animated Overlays

On, you’ll get many licensed videos, music, sound effects, and images to add to your video. Other free elements like music visualizers, texts, emojis, stickers, transitions, etc. also come in handy.

Adjustable Opacity Level

Adjustable Opacity Level

Are you worried that your overlay will block viewers? Fret not, lets you create a transparent video overlay by easily adjusting the opacity level.

Cross-Platform Social Sharing

Cross-Platform Social Sharing offers ready-made presets or aspect ratios for you to create videos for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms.

Non-Watermarked Outputs

Non-Watermarked Outputs

Whether you are using a free account or a paid account, outputs are free of any disturbing watermarks.

How Can Video Overlay Editor Do For You?

Add A PiP Effect to Get Your Idea Across

This is arguably the most compelling reason to overlay a video. You have probably seen those YouTube video tutorials with a small video overlay of the narrator. That's the picture-in-picture effect. It helps viewers focus on what the content creator is saying. With, you can create a PiP effect video with microphone narrations. Just plug in your webcam and mic, then record.

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Video Branding - Obtain More Followers

Branding your video is critical in this era when cybercrime is rampant. You can overlay your video with an image logo or watermark to prove that you're the real creator. In addition, you can add the actual data of creating the video or the name of your YouTube channel. There are lots of things you can do to brand your video.  

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Make the Video More Engaging

It's not a secret that your video needs to be well-crafted to appeal to viewers on social media. With stunning video overlays, your content will immediately capture the viewers’ attention and compel them to keep watching. For example, research proves that at least 80% of social media users like watching silent videos. In that case, mute your video and add subtle background music. Or, you can convert the narrations to subtitle tracks using the Auto Subtitle Generator.

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FAQs - Create Various Video Overlays

  • is the perfect tool if you want to overlay a video quickly and easily. To do that, upload your video to the editor and then drag it to the timeline. Then, add free overlay tracks on top of the video timeline. Now proceed to crop and adjust the overlays. It's that easy!

  • To overlay a video with your face, launch Recorder tool and then choose Screen & Camera > connect your camera and mic > record your screen with face overlay. After recording, tap Edit to add the video to the timeline and edit it further.

  • You can watermark your video effortlessly with a logo using Here's how it goes; upload your video and the image logo, then add them to the timeline. After that, crop and resize the logo on the preview screen. You can also reposition it to make it hidden.

  • Yes, apart from adding a picture overlay in the background or foreground of a video, also lets you overlay a video on a picture with ease. Just Add your video and image, then crop and resize the frames appropriately.

  • online free video maker is surely among the best to create a transparent video overlay. It supports most video, audio, and image formats. You can overlay your video with logos, texts, captions, emojis, music, picture-in-picture effects, and more. What’s more, you can fade the overlays to make them look nicer.

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I've been searching for a video overlay maker like this for a while now. Thanks to a friend who introduced me to this website, I now enjoy creating videos. I really appreciate this app.

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The main selling point for me in this app is the AI subtitle generator. This tool reads all the voice narrations in my videos with excellent accuracy. Highly recommended to all video creators.

star star star star star is the absolute best. It does exactly what I want it to do without errors. I occasionally use it to record Facebook videos with a webcam overlay. It’s very helpful.

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It's the best beginner-friendly video editor, by all indicators. It didn’t take me 10 seconds to learn the ropes around this program. I just wish it had more video templates and sound effects. But so far, it's my favorite!!

Ronnie James
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The best thing about is that it lets you edit videos without handbrakes. Besides the usual trimming and cutting, I can also add subtitles and record videos and audio. Not so many online programs can allow you to do that for free.

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