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Edit Zoom Recordings Online

You have recorded the Zoom meeting video and now want to trim the silence part at the beginning and the ending, split a long session into smaller ones, and add subtitles and closed captions to make it easier to understand. But can't find a tool in Zoom to complete these tasks.
Currently, the Zoom app doesn't have a built-in video editor to fine-tune the recorded conferences for a better online presence. Therefore, you are bound to rely on an efficient third-party video editor like Media.io that enables you to do most post-production tasks without installing any software on your PC.

How to Edit a Zoom Recording Easily?

Media.io video editor allows you to upload Zoom recordings and edit them precisely to produce a professional-looking clip for sharing and commercial distribution. Follow the instructions below to learn how to edit a recorded Zoom meeting video:

  • upload

    Step 1: Upload Zoom Meeting Recordings

    Launch your preferred web browser and go to the Media.io video editor tool.
    Click the Upload media to select and upload the Zoom recording you captured earlier.

  • cut video

    Step 2: Remove the Unwanted Portions

    Cut out the beginning, middle, or end of your Zoom recording. Use the sliders on the frame to select the portion you want to trim.
    Or click the Split or Siccors icon to choose the unwanted segment and click Remove button to delete it.

  • Edit

    Step 3: Add Subtitles, Elements, and Transition Effects, etc.

    Go to the Subtitles menu and click the Start auto-subtitle to generate subtitles and closed captions to the Zoom video automatically.
    Likewise, you can go to the other tools that are present in the left pane to add decorative texts, elements, transition effects, and background music to make the Zoom recording more attractive.

  • download

    Step 4: Preview and Save

    Click the Play button under the Preview window to see if the expected output meets your requirements.
    If it does, click Export to save the final output. After exporting, you can safely download the edited Zoom recording for distribution.

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Why Use Media.io to Edit Zoom Recordings?

accurate transcription

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Media.io is not restricted to a particular platform or operating system and can be used on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux and any other computers.

AI speech to text transcriber

Add Closed Captions Automatically

Generate subtitles automatically for the Zoom recordings. You don't have to go through the lengthy and tedious process of typing the captions manually.

transcibe multiple languages

Precisely Trim and Split for Free

Preview and edit the Zoom video on a frame-by-frame basis, allowing you to come up with precise output files perfect for professional uses and commercial gains.

simplify process of subtitling video

Record & Edit in One Place

Record the screen, the webcam, and the voiceover for your Zoom meeting and edit the recorded Zoom video using the built-in video editor.

freely reposition subtitles

Free & No Watermark

Export the edited Zoom video in full HD (1080p) without adding any watermark on it, even if you are using a free account.

Offer Assisting Tools

Easy Distribution

The in-built aspect ratio presets for different social media platforms makes it easier to distribute your Zoom content on YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.

Benefits of Editing Zoom Meeting Recordings

Remove Unwanted Portions before Sharing

With fine editing, you can remove the unwanted segments of the Zoom meetings that you have captured. This shortens the length of the videos and allows you to share only the required and essential information with the audience.

remove unwanted portion

Improve Your Online Presence

Videos are in trend these days. For information sharing, people now prepare short clips and try to make them as lucrative and informative as possible while keeping their duration short at the same time. For example, suppose you have already captured a Zoom meeting and have edited it well. In that case, you can use the recorded and edited video as promotional footage to publish it on social media platforms and streaming portals like YouTube to increase your followers and widen the scope of your brand awareness.  

sharing on social media easily

Make Webinars and Online Courses

One of the most popular usage of the Zoom meeting app is a webinar and online learning. After precise editing, you can share the recorded Zoom meeting sessions on various platforms to let the audience know the agenda of the discussion and your organization's culture. You can also turn the Zoom meeting into online courses to list them on some e-commerce websites for commercialization.

make webinar

FAQs about Editing Zoom Meeting Recordings

  • If you recorded the Zoom meeting with the app itself, you will find it opens the folder of recorded video and audio automatically after recording.
    You can also open the Zoom app, click the Settings icon and switch to the Recording menu to find the local recording settings. From here, you can open the recording store folder, and change the save location.
    If you used Media.io to capture a Zoom meeting, you can choose to download the recorded file directly on your device as a normal file.

  • As an Admin, you can access Zoom recordings by navigating to the Account Management > Recording Management section on the Zoom web portal.
    As a participant, on the Zoom web portal, you can find the Zoom meetings in the Recording section.

  • Zoom doesn't have a built-in video editor at the time of this writing, and you must rely on a third-party desktop program or a web app like Media.io for all such post-production tasks.

  • Because Zoom Cloud is available only for paid users, you must purchase a paid subscription to enable Cloud recording on Zoom and access/retrieve the captured meetings. If you downgraded to a free plan, you won't be able to access the recordings stored on the Zoom Cloud. To gain access, you must upgrade to a paid plan.

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I regularly need unique background music to add to my recorded Zoom video, and I always find it challenging to find a good sound that is royalty-free. Media.io has a complete library of stock music tracks that I can now add to my final Zoom clips without any copyright issues.

Rocco Scott
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Because Zoom can only capture video sessions, I always wondered how to edit a Zoom recording in the cheapest possible way. The Video Editor tool in Media.io lets me do that for free. Still better, I can export those clips in full HD resolution without any watermark. And guess what. I didn't pay a single Dollar for this either.

Andre Cox
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I am a lazy person and always have a hard time manually adding captions and subtitles to my videos. With the Auto-Subtitles feature in Media.io's Video Editor, I now save a lot of my time and energy. I grab a cup of coffee and see how effortlessly Media.io automatically generates subtitles for my Zoom videos.

Julian Jordan
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Most free editors that I used added watermarks on the videos. If they don't, they were restricted to 480p or 720p resolution only. Thanks to Media.io, now I can export the edited Zoom recording in full HD without any watermark.

Clayton Gray
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I need to split the recorded Zoom meeting video into a series video to distribute on different platforms. The Media.io video editor allows to split large Zooom recordings easily. And the aspect ratio presets it provided give me the freedom to distribute the content to social media platforms without any concerns.

Douglas Ryan
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