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Create subtitles or captions for your video manually or automatically. Adding subtitles to video is a piece of cake with online subtitle maker.

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Most people research how to add subtitles to a video. This is especially true if you're constantly churning out content on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, etc. The thing is that not all your target audience can speak or read English. Some might even have hearing problems altogether. And, of course, subtitled videos are fun and engaging to watch. That's why this guidepost introduces you to the best online method to add captions to a video. With Online Subtitle Maker, you can add powerful captions and subtitles with fun color effects, fonts, size, etc. Not only that, but this program also features an AI-supported auto-subtitle generator to automatically transcribe videos or audio to popular languages like Arabic, English, German, Hindi, Spanish, Hindi, etc. Upload a video and try!

How to Add Subtitles to a Video?

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload a Video on the Subtitle Generator.

    Launch Subtitle Generator and then press the Upload media button to browse and add a video file. Alternatively, click Record to capture a webcam/computer screen or tap From URL to load a YouTube video.

  • add

    Step 2. Add Subtitles to the Video Manually or Automatically.

    After loading the video successfully, add it to the timeline by dragging and dropping, and press the Text tab on the left pane. Now choose the text type and trim it to fit the video narration. You'll also see the text lasso tool on the preview screen, which you can drag to change its position. All the same, tap the lasso tool to type and add your caption or subtitle text. Note that you can add as many subtitle tracks as possible.

    For generate subtitles for video in a quicker manner, opt for the Auto Subtitle tab. Set the certain subtitle language, hit Start and wait for auto caption generation.

  • download

    Step 3. Download the Video with Subtitles.

    After adding the subtitles, click Play to preview the video and choose the video aspect ratio. Lastly, press Export to name your video, choose the resolution quality, and save the subtitled video. It's that simple!

upload video files online
add subtitles, captions to video manually or automatically
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Why Choose Subtitle Maker?

online subtitle creator

100% Online Subtitle Adder

With Online Subtitle Generator, you don't need to download and install any extras on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Instead, fire it up and create!

easy subtitles synchronization

Sync Subs with Video Easily

Worried about subtle syncing? Worry no more because's drag-and-drop timeline lets you resize subtitle tracks in real-time.

add subtitles for video flexibly

Flexible Options to Create Subtitles

With, you can add subtitles to a video manually by adding a customized subtitle track. Alternatively, you can use the AI-powered Auto Subtitle Generator to transcribe video narrations to text, which certainly saves your much time and efforts.

support any media formats

Any Video? We Accept! is compatible with any video format you throw at it. You can add subtitles for MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, 3GP, 3G2, MPG, WebM, etc.

Customize and Retouch Subtitles

Customize and Retouch Subtitles

You can make your subtitles look catchy and well-organized by adding unique fonts, text size, borders, and repositioning the subtitle track.

Do more with video editor

More than a Video Subtitle Adder does more than just letting you add subtitles to video online. You can trim, split, cut, crop, add background audio, and other quick edits. You can also export the video to HD 1080P for free and share on all leading social platforms, like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, or Instagram.

Any Benefits of Adding Subtitles to Video?

Improve Comprehension for the "Deaf"

This is a mistake that most YouTubers and content creators make. When you release your video content out there, it becomes available to everyone, including the deaf or those with hearing problems. So, to cater to this particular group of people, be nice and add subtitles to your video for YouTube. Then, the views and likes will start increasing like never before.

Improve Comprehension

Maximize Your Video Engagement.

Did you know that around 85% of all videos on Facebook are watched on mute? Yes, most viewers find those ums and uhs on your video unnecessary to listen to. Therefore, they opt to mute the video while watching. Fortunately, you can save them this stress by adding well-crafted subtitles and captions. Research shows that videos with subtitles have more dwell time than those without.  

Increase engagement

Improve Your Video's SEO Ranking.

As said before, adding subtitles to your video will improve the dwell time. And you know what happens? Improved SEO ranking! It won't take long before YouTube and Google notice that your channel or videos have low bounce rates together with thousands of views every day. In return, your content will rank higher when someone searches for a related keyword.

Improve video SEO

FAQs about Subtitling Video

  • You can quickly and easily create subtitles for a video using Online Subtitle Maker. Below are the quick steps.
    Step 1. Upload a video on by clicking the Upload media tab.
    Step 2. Press the + icon on your video to add it to the timeline or drag and drop it there.
    Step 3. Select the video and then press the Text tab on the left pane. Then, choose the text type and trim or resize the text track on the timeline to sync with the video narration.
    Step 4. Enter the subtitle text on the preview screen and reposition it to avoid distracting the viewers.
    Step 5. Click Export to name your video and create.

  • is the perfect tool for adding subtitles to any video format. You can add subtitles to MKV, MP4, MOV, MTS, DV, and other digital video formats. You can also directly import a YouTube video and add subtitles to it.

  • There are many tools to add subtitles to a video permanently. However, I recommend based on some impressive points: it's simple and supports adding subtitles to any video that you may have. You can also customize your subtitles to make them more attractive.

  • Auto-adding subtitles to a video can save you lots of precious time. Here is how to use Auto Subtitle Generator to extract subtitles from video narrations:
    Step 1. Launch Auto Subtitle Generator and tap Upload media to browse and load your video or audio.
    Step 2. Add the video to the timeline and select it. Then, click the Subtitles tab and then choose a subtitle language. You can also retouch the font type, size, color, casing, etc.
    Step 3. Click the Start auto-subtitle button to begin transcribing your video narrations automatically.
    Step 4. Tap Export to save the video.

  • If you want to combine subtitles with a video online, use Subtitle Generator. Here, you can add subtitles to any video format without restrictions.

  • is the best subtitle generator by a country mile.
    First, it's simple and offers cross-platform compatibility on Windows or Mac browsers.
    Second, it allows users to add custom subtitles manually or automatically using the AI-supported auto-subtitle adder.
    Also, it boasts other editing tools for cutting, trimming, cropping, adding background music, etc.
    Finally, and most importantly, content creators can export the subtitled video to Full HD 1080P without any watermarks.

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I've only used this online subtitle generator for a few weeks, and I find it to be a fantastic way to add custom subtitles to videos. I can edit and personalize the subtitles how I wish.

Jason Nice
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This is a great subtitle maker. I especially love that it allows me to transcribe video narrations to text subtitles with great accuracy. You should try it!

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It's a simple subtitle generator with very helpful support. I mistakenly made a double payment, and the support team was at hand to give me a refund almost immediately. So far, I'm happy!

Jay Sandy
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An excellent application for creating subtitles and captions for YouTube videos. The video editor is also intuitive enough for any green hand out there.

Anushka Patel
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I was initially skeptical when my friend introduced me to this online video editor. But it's a few months now and I love everything about it. So simple, effective, and it's online!

Liam Carlo
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