Transcribe Google Meet Recordings

Transcribe and convert your Google Meet recordings to text automatically with AI technology. Get the accurate transcripts in a few minutes without manually typing.

transcribe google meet recordings
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Google Meet Recordings Transcripts

Video conferencing has become popular since the lockdown time, and Google Meet is one of the top applications for conducting online meetings. Many students and employees record the crucial meetings and watch them later to comprehend things better. You may need to share some critical points from the conference, where you need to transcribe the Google Meet recordings.
You can turn on the caption during the meeting, but those will not appear in the recording. Therefore, the Transcription app is one of the best solutions, which can transcribe Google Meet recordings to texts automatically within a few clicks. You don’t need to listen to the recorded audio multiple time to transcribe it manually. Here’s the best part: can transcribe videos in dozens of different languages, and you can download the clear text file in TXT at the end.

How to Transcribe Google Meet Recordings with Transcription App from has eased the transcription job as it was never. All you need is to upload the video, and the Transcription app will transcribe it automatically without any manual input from the user. After downloading the recording you want to transcribe on your Google Drive, here’s how to transcribe Google Meet recordings with the Transcription app:

  • upload

    Step 1: Upload Google Meet Recordings

    Launch the Transcription app and then click the Upload video or audio button to add the recorded Google Meet video or audio file.

  • use auto-subtitle to generate texts

    Step 2: Select the Language

    Select the language spoken in the Google Meet recording from the list, and then click the Transcribe Now button to start transcribing.

  • preview generated texts and download

    Step 3: Check and Download

    You will see the auto transcribed texts for the Google Meet recordings on the window.
    Click Download text button to download the generated transcripts in plain texts.

upload google meet recordings to Transcription app
select spoken language in Transcription app
transcribe and download texts

Part 3: How to Convert Google Meet Recordings to Texts and Subtitles?

Besides transcribing video or audio recordings to text with the Transcription app, you can also use the Auto-Subtitle feature in the free online video editor to generate subtitles and texts for the recordings.

  • upload

    Step 1: Upload Meet Recordings

    Launch the video editor on your browser and click Upload Media to upload the recordings. Drag and drop it to the timeline.
    Note: You can also use the Record tool in to record the meeting before transcribing or importing the video from YouTube by pressing the “From URL” button.

  • auto-subtitle

    Step 2: Transcribe the Google Meet Recordings

    Go to the Subtitles menu from the left-side pane and select the language spoken in the meeting recording, click the Start Auto-subtitle button to transcribe your Google Meet recording to texts and captions.
    The recordings will be transcribed into text in a few minutes (depending upon length).

  • edit generated subtitles and captions

    Step 3: Export and Share

    You can download the generated texts for the meeting recordings in a separate SRT or TXT file.
    You can also export the video with captions/subtitles from the Export button in the top-right corner.

Upload Google Meet recording file to video editor
use auto-subtitle for transcribe google meet recording
download google meet transcripts


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Benefits of Using to Transcribe Google Meet Recordings

feature: free YouTube video editor without watermark

Intuitive and Quick

Transcribing Google Meet recordings to text has never been easier as it is with! Within a few clicks, you’ll be able to generate the text from a video file with little or no mistakes. All you need to do is upload the video and transcribe it. Done!

feature: support multiple language

Accurate and Precise will transcribe the lengthy Google Meet recordings with 90% accuracy and no mistakes. Furthermore, it automatically generates the texts without any manual input.

feature: generate  subtitles  for YouTube video automatically

Multilingual Support allows you to transcribe the Google Meet recordings— no matter you belong to which region of the World— in 89 languages. It will help you expand your audience, and the generated subtitles will be accepted worldwide on any platform.

feature: high accuracy for auto-subtitle

Support Almost All Formats

You can upload the video or audio recordings in MP4, MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV, MKV, AVI, MOV, and many other formats to convert them into text. You can download the generated text file in .srt and .txt.

feature: generate subtitle for published YouTube video

AI Technology is equipped with AI transcription technology, which analyzes the sound and voice and transcribes it into texts. You can complete the whole Google Meet transcription project before the expected time.

feature: cross-platform

Powerful Assisting Tools is more than a transcribing tool—it features multiple editing tools to edit and stylize the video. Maintain the brand consistency by modifying the subtitles/captions per the brand theme for a deeper impact on the audience.

FAQs About Google Meet Transcript

  • Google Meet Recordings are saved into My Drive’s Meet recordings folder of the organizer. What's more, an email containing the link to the recording will be sent to the organizer and the person who started the recording.

  • Google Meet does not have a built-in feature to download the transcripts; however, there are many online tools and Google Chrome extensions for transcribing Google Meet recordings. We recommend you record the meeting and generate the transcription using automatically.

  • No, you cannot transcribe the Google Meet meetings or download the transcriptions via the software itself. However, you can turn on the captions in Google Meet during the call— available in limited languages such as English, German, Portuguese, French or Spanish. But the downloaded Google Meet recording will have no captions.

  • You can use many online and offline tools to transcribe the Google Meet meeting. First, you’ll have to record the meetings and then transcribe that recording. We recommend using the Auto-Subtitle feature in video editor, which can transcribe the recording in 89 languages using AI technology without any manual input. You can also download the .srt or .txt file at the end.
    What's more, the newly released Transcription app will transcribe the recordings to clear plain text.

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I organize many events online and need to record the meetings more often. allows me to transcribe that meeting to share the important points with the audience— how impressive is that!

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I have never seen a transcribing tool that can generate video texts in 89 languages. This gives my videos more exposure and global acceptance— thanks to

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I usually needed the transcribing tool to translate or convert the google meet recording into Portuguese. No online/offline tool was efficient enough, and I had to hire a professional from Portugal. has changed the game for me!

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I love the non-watermarked outputs of! You can convert video to text using AI technology, which is completely free (up to 30 minutes).

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Google Meet provides captions during the meeting, but those captions do not appear in recorded files. has eased the job with an automatic transcription feature, and I love saving my time and effort this way.

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