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Easily make an awesome music video online at zero cost with video editor. Trigger more emotional responses on social media with your music, photos, video clips, effects and more!

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Free Music Video Editor

Nowadays, many leading video platforms have enormous viewers that listen to music in daily life, which awfully elevates the visibility of artists, musicians or music video creators and even boosts the sales. The visual impact of a video is as essential as the audio. If you also desire to attract tons of viewers/listeners, just get started to create and edit a high-quality music video with
With online music video maker, you can instantly create an amazing photo video with favorite song. Just upload your media photos or video clips, add cool sound effects, background music or your own song, overlay text, logo, etc. and share it on social media channels. is extremely easy to handle yet loaded with almost all features you would expect from an advanced music video app including a flexible timeline, screen & webcam & audio recorder, catchy templates, music editing options, transitions and so forth. The free music video editor runs smoothly on your web browser. No any app or software installations.

How to Create a Music Video in 3 Steps?

  • upload media files

    Step 1. Upload Media.

    Launch online video editor, click Upload Media to add your photos, videos and music files. You can also choose to record yourself with voiceover via Record feature.

  • edit music video

    Step 2. Personalize Your Music Video.

    Simply drag and drop the media files to timeline and do edits. Trim, split, crop, re-order the clips, adjust the audio volume, overlay animate texts, subtitles, elements and transitions. All at your fingertips!

  • export and share

    Step 3. Export & Share to Earn Eyes.

    When satisfied, tap on Export menu to choose a wanted aspect ratio and video resolution to output the result. And voila! Time to share your own music video with the world!

upload media files
make a video with pictures and music
export HD music video and share

Why Choose to Create a Video with Music?

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

This audio visual maker is designed with a self-explanatory interface, meaning you don't need any prior experience in it. Make your first video with music and photo combined in just a few simple clicks.

One-stop Audio Editor

One-stop Audio Editor offers royalty-free music and sound effects in different categories, alternatively, you can upload your own songs or record an audio clip. Add music to video and do necessary edits, like cutting, merging, repositioning, muting, applying crossfade effects, etc. Furthermore, it enables you to extract audio from videos, create a stunning audio spectrum for video, increase music length seamlessly with AI, remove vocals or instrumentals from any song, and much more. All in website!

Various Text Styles & Templates

Various Text Styles & Templates is also widely used as a robust lyric video maker that provides dozens of text editing options. Dozens of static or animated text styles, templates are available, thus you can customize the lyrics font, size, color, alignment or deploy Auto-sub to convert audio to text automatically. Create a viral lyric video now.

Edit Video Online

Edit Video Online

When finishing uploading pictures or video clips online, you can make the most of video editing functionalities – cut, combine, crop, rotate, flip, resize, add transitions and create your brand logo for an engaging music video without any difficulties.

Major Format Supports

Major Format Supports online video editor supports in importing video/audio/photo files in any formats, including but not limited to MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, MP3, WAV, OGG, M4A, OGG, JPG, PNG. It output your music video in MP4, a popular format accepted by almost all video platforms. If required, utilize the decent media converter to convert MP4 to another format.

Easy to Share

Easy to Share music video generator has ready-made video aspect ratios for different social media channels such as TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and beyond. Meanwhile, it's totally free to export HD results.


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Lucas W
star star star star star has got everything I need in its timeline-based video editor. I don't need to apply other music video editors any longer!

Edwin Garcia
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I recently started a new channel and this online video maker has been handy. I used it to combine some video and audio clips and design my own logo. Oh yes, I will recommend it to my lovely fans!

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I really love this gaming screen recorder. I have a little blog where I review mobile and PC games, and this free screen recorder has been immense. Thank you, guys!

Danny James
star star star star star

This easy video maker includes inspiring video templates that lets me quickly create a video with perfect background music. BTW, I'm impressed by the Remix Song tool. Like a Magic...

Stacy K
star star star star star

I've tested several lyric video makers before, and I find them way overpriced for what they offer. video editor is free, and the output video doesn't feature any annoying watermarks.


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