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Information about TGA and PNG File Formats

File Extension
TGA, also called TARGA, or Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter, is a raster image file developed by Truevision Inc. It was the proprietary image format for some of the first IBM graphic cards like VISTA and TARGA boards. These graphic cards were mostly used for professional video editing and computer image synthesis. Therefore, TGA images usually have resolutions that match of PAL and NTSC video formats.
Associated Programs
File Viewer Plus
Adobe Photoshop 2020
Apple QuickTime Player
Developed By
Truevision Inc.
image/x-tga, image/x-targa
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File Extension
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a raster image file format released in 1996 as a replacement for JPEG. That said, PNG uses lossless compression that gives it a small file size while still maintaining the original image quality. Today, PNG format is widely used to share image graphics over the internet and is supported by programs like Paintshop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, Apple’s Preview, etc.
Associated Programs
Microsoft's Paint,
Apple's Preview,
Adobe Photoshop
Developed By
PNG Development Group
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