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Video size ≤ 100MB
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Comparison of Benefits: Free vs. Paid Users

Description Limits Unregistered Users Free Users
(Login with WS ID)
Paid Users
Upload Video Limits Video Size ≤50MB ≤100MB ≤200MB
Video Length ≤30s ≤1min ≤1min
Frame Rate ≤30 ≤30 No Limit
Video Resolution 360p - 2k 360p - 2k 360p - 2k
Number of 1 ≤10 No Limit
Process Limits Preview Limit The first 45 frames with 2x upscale The first 45 frames with 2x upscale The first 45 frames with 2x/4x upscale
Upscale Option 2x 2x 2x & 4x
Export Limit Downloadable Not Downloadable Not Downloadable Download the video with a duration that
corresponds to your purchased plan.

Our Users Always Ask

What is the difference between the Pay as You Go and Monthly Plan?

Monthly subscription plans are available for users who prefer a more flexible payment option. If not fully used during the current month, the remaining subscription balance will be reset automatically and will not carry over to the next month.
Media.io Video Enhancer provides a "Pay as You Go" option for occasional or project-based users who need to enhance videos. If your monthly plan is insufficient to meet your needs, you can supplement it with the "Pay as You Go" option, which can be used in addition to your monthly plan and has a validity period of 2 years.