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*Disclaimer: This guide is for educational purposes only. Before using the methods given here, ensure you are not violating YouTube’s terms of service.

extract audio from YouTube video
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Extract Audio Sound from YouTube Video

Want to use or reuse the audio in a YouTube video for listening pleasure or in your video project? You can use the YouTube converter or the audio cutter from Media.io to extract and cut the audio in MP3, WAV or any other popular audio format.
Unlike other video to audio converters that are scattered all over the Internet, Media.io allows you to extract audio from YouTube video within a few steps, and trim the audio to a specific duration.

How to Rip MP3 from YouTube Video?

To extract a specific part of or the whole MP3 audio file from a YouTube video, you can use the Audio Cutter from Media.io to complete it quickly.

  • upload

    Step 1: Upload YouTube Video to Audio Cutter

    Launch Media.io Audio Cutter and click the YouTube icon, copy and paste the YouTube link of the source video, and click Add.

  • audio cutter

    Step 2: Define a Portion to Extract

    Drag the left and right handles inwards and move the selection frame to cover the portion of the audio that you want to extract.
    Turn on the Fade In and Fade Out switches and define effect duration to give the audio natural acoustics.

  • download extracted audio after cutting

    Step 3: Save the YouTube Audio in MP3

    Click Export to extract MP3 from YouTube video for free. And click the Download button to save the file to your local drive.

upload YouTube video to audio cutter
trim youtube to extract mp3 audio
download extracted mp3 audio

How to Extract Audio in Any Format from YouTube Video

If you want to extract the audio file in WAV or other formats from a YouTube video, you can use the YouTube Converter tool to directly rip the audio from the video.

  • upload

    Step 1: Fetch YouTube Video to YouTube Converter

    Launch Media.io YouTube Converter and click the YouTube icon, copy and paste the source YouTube video link and click Add to load the video.

  • youtube converter

    Step 2: Choose an Audio Format

    Pick an audio format from the available extensions. You can extract the audio in MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, AAC, FLAC, AC3 and other formats from a YouTube video.
    Click the Settings icon to set up the bitrate, encoder and other output preferences.

  • download extracted audio after converting

    Step 3: Convert and Download the Audio

    Click CONVERT to extract audio from YouTube video online. After the conversion completed, click the Download button to save the audio to your local file.

import youtube video to video converter
select audio format to extract
download extracted audio from youtube after converting

Why Choose Media.io to Extract Audio from YouTube?

feature: free YouTube video editor without watermark

Extracts Specific Part as Audio

Our YouTube audio extractor enables you to extract the entire audio track or a particular portion from the YouTube video. This eliminates the need to switch to a different tool to trim off the unwanted parts of the sound.

feature: support multiple language

Supports Multiple Formats

Media.io supports almost all major audio formats; therefore, you can extract audio from YouTube videos for any media player. By the way, it’s noteworthy that the most common audio extension is still MP3.

feature: generate  subtitles  for YouTube video automatically

Fade In and Fade Out Effects

Media.io allows you to add fade-in and fade-out effects to the soundtracks when extracting mp3 audio from YouTube with the Audio Cutter. You don’t have to manually adjust the audio wave or work with the complex graphical curves to get your desired output.

feature: high accuracy for auto-subtitle

Watermark and Ads Free

Media.io doesn’t add any watermark or push advertisements when you extract audio from YouTube videos online. So you can share the content to any platform without worrying about the watermark.

feature: generate subtitle for published YouTube video

Any Browser Compatible

Whether you are using the YouTube converter or the Audio Cutter tool to extract audio files from YouTube, you can use it on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari browser. You can extract the audio on your go.

feature: cross-platform

High-Quality Output

Before you extract audio from YouTube video free, use the Setting box to customize output preferences, so you can produce high-quality outputs.


Extracting Audio from YouTube and Going Further

Reuse YouTube Audio on Other Platforms

After you extract MP3 from a YouTube video, the acoustics can be modified and used on other streaming portals to expand the scope of your audience. In addition, the audio can be trimmed according to your preferences and integrated into other videos or slideshows as background music to make those films more engaging and informative.
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Extract Audio from YouTube and Repurpose It as a Podcast

If you or your brand exist on various online platforms, you can publish the extracted mp3 audio as a podcast for further awareness. Also, with a YouTube audio extractor, you don’t have to re-record the audio as it can be extracted from the YouTube video and repurposed on various audio-only portals.
Furthermore, Media.io’s auto-subtitle generator enables you to convert audio to text and, after basic modifications, publish the content as a blog or article on your e-Learning Management System (LMS).
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Enjoy the Extracted Audio File Any Time and Anywhere

If you’re a music lover, you can easily fetch your favorite song or instrumental sound and extract MP3 from YouTube video for your listening pleasure. Because most media players support MP3 format, you can listen to the extracted soundtracks whenever and wherever you want, whether at home, during long drives, or while enjoying a late-night party with your family or friends.
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FAQs About YouTube Audio Extractor

  • The process of extracting (or pulling) audio out from a video is technically called ‘ripping’. With that said, a YouTube audio ripper is a desktop or online tool that accepts YouTube videos as source clips and can extract audio from YouTube videos. This method is called YouTube audio ripping and the tool that you use to get the job done is a YouTube audio ripper.

  • Generally speaking, any free application processes the tasks quickly, has no (or significantly few) restrictions, and forces no watermarks or ads into the output files it produces can be placed under the category of ‘the best’. The Audio Cutter and Video Converter from Media.io check all these boxes, and therefore we can proudly say that Media.io is the best YouTube audio extractor.

  • After uploading a YouTube video to Audio Cutter, you can drag the side handles inwards and move the selection frame across the audio wave to extract that particular portion of the audio. In addition, you can even add fade-in and fade-out effects to make the acoustics sound natural.

  • The process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is:
    1: Go to Media.io Audio Cutter
    2: Copy and paste the URL of the source YouTube video
    3: Don’t change the default position of the side handles. Leave the other settings intact as well
    4: Click Export to extract audio from a YouTube video in its original state, i.e., duration, audio quality, etc.

star star star star star

I work as a podcast manager in a reputed organization and my task includes creating new podcasts and reviewing those that have been prepared by other employees. Because most podcasts are the acoustics from existing YouTube videos, I use Media.io’s Audio Cutter tool to extract audio from YouTube video online and reuse them for the purpose.

Jenifer Liam
star star star star star

I love listening to music. However, because I am still studying, I have limited funds and can’t buy myself a paid subscription to any of the streaming audio portals. Thanks to Media.io’s Audio Cutter which allows me to extract MP3 from YouTube videos that I can transfer to my smartphone and listen to my favorite songs whenever I want.

Lily Lawrence
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We are a marketing agency that serves several clients across the globe. We are supposed to use their YouTube videos to produce podcasts out of them and publish them online. Media.io has made our task pretty simple. The best part is that we don’t have to pay anything to Wondershare, and we have been using a free account ever since we started using the portal.

Alexa Robertson
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I am a schoolteacher. When COVID-19 hit the world, I was asked to deliver my lectures online and publish them on some free podcast sites so that the trainees can access them and study at their pace. I prepared those training sessions in video form and published them on YouTube. To save time, I am now using Audio Cutter by Media.io to extract MP3 from YouTube videos to use as podcasts.

Allen Garfield
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I am the marketing manager in a company. We have collaborated with various radio stations to advertise the products and services that we offer to consumers. To save some funds, I do extract audio from YouTube video free with the help of a YouTube audio extractor, and publish it as a podcast. This expands the scope of our brand awareness and further improves our overall production and cash inflow.

Sharon Horgan
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