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YouTube text transcriptions greatly improve the viewing experience and video performance. With online subtitle tool for YouTube videos, you don't need to hire professionals on Fiverr with high costs. Not only it can generate YouTube automatic subtitles with high accuracy, but perfectly help synchronize with the video and audio. More so, you can flexibly adjust the YouTube transcripts' appearance(font, color, size, style, etc.) in real time to make the resulted video more compelling.
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How to Transcribe a YouTube Video Online?

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload YouTube URL to

    Directly copy and paste your YouTube link to From URL box or click on Upload button to add videos from your local device.

  • transcibe

    Step 2. Generate YouTube Automatic Subtitles.

    Go to Subtitle menu, select a target language and certain clip to start an auto transcription. Alternitively, enter Text area to edit and add subtitles to YouTube video. A variety of nice text templates are avaiable.

  • download

    Step 3. Edit Further and Download YouTube with Generated Text.

    Perhaps because of unclear sound or disturbing background noise, you might need to remend a little bit mistakes of the auto-generated text. When happy, click Export to download your masterpiece. Voila!

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Why is YouTube Transcription Tool?

free text editor for YouTube

Online Free Text Editor

YouTube automatic captioning feature doesn't always work to fit your needs (e.g. the created captions appear out-of-sync or worsely, entirely blank, etc.), in that case, use a workable text editor, like to auto subtitle YouTube videos in trusted quality. The whole process takes only a few quick clicks.

AI speech to text transcriber

AI Speech to Text utilizes the latest speech recognition technology to automatically convert YouTube voice to text with close to human accuracy. If your video have a clear voice and little background noise, the transcription can reach up to 95% or more accuracy. (>‿◠)✌

transcibe multiple languages

Support Multi Languages supports transcribing over 90 different languages, dialects and accents, enabling you to easily create YouTube subtitles in English, Spanish, French, Indian, etc. thus reaching an extended audience.

simplify process of subtitling video

Streamline Your Workflow

Unlike many of other transcription services that generate YouTube video transcript along with superfluous timestamps, perfectly aligns the texts to YouTube video or audio and you just need to enjoy the fruit. It significantly reduce your time to finish video transcribing.

freely reposition subtitles

Reposition Subtitles Properly

There exists an occasional nuisance that the transcribed subtitle placement blocks important visuals on video, while this should never be the case when using It hooks you up with ability to drag and place text boxes to right positions, and burn the well-edited subtitles into video, so that your viewers won't confused at your videos' essential information. Plus, it allows you to personalize the caption style with various settings.

Offer Assisting Tools

Offer Assisting Tools

To further make sure that the accuracy of auto-generated texts from YouTube satisfys most of our users, in addition to constantly improving its speech recognition technology, also provides some relevant helpful features, like voice extractor, noise remover. If you desire to get quality transcript of YouTube video, you might need these extra tools to eliminate interference of the original audio before performing auto transcription.

Benefits of Transcribing a YouTube Video

Transcribe YouTube for the Disable

Research says that more than 28 million Americans are deaf or suffer from hearing complications. Therefore, if you're among the group or have a deaf person in the house, you may need to add captions to a YouTube video. It's even more critical to transcribe a YouTube video before uploading it on the platform, as this will help you reach this vital group of people.

improve video accessibility

Increase SEO Ranking

Are you surprised? No, you shouldn't! Adding captions and subtitles to your YouTube video can improve your ranking on Google and the YouTube search engine. Here's the thing; most people will flock to your channel to watch your transcribed videos. In return, you'll enjoy increased dwell time, leading to higher rankings on YouTube and Google search engines.  

Increase SEO Ranking

Subtitles Increase Viewer Engagement

According to a 2009 study by PLYMedia, 80% of the interviewed sample watched subtitled videos to completion. On the other hand, only 66% watched videos without subtitles to completion. This massive difference proves that most online viewers don't really care about voice narrations as long as you add subtitles to your video. And as you may already know, subtitles are easier to comprehend.

Subtitles Increase Viewer Engagement

FAQs Regarding YouTube to Text

  • Transcribing a YouTube video is straightforward with Audio Subtitle Generator. All you need to do is access the website to add a YouTube URL, select a transcription language on the Auto-Subtitle tab and hit on Start button to extract subtitle tracks from your video's voice narration or background audio. Then, of course, you can edit the video further before exporting it to 1080p HD MP4.

  • With Subtitle Generator, you can easily edit the generated subtitle tracks. After extracting a subtitle track, simply select it and then you can delete, extend the playback duration, or duplicate it. Of course, comes with a manual subtitle creator as well.

  • 1. YouTube comes with its own inbuilt auto transcription feature. You can find this tool under the YouTube Studio section, which allows you to transcribe videos into a host of languages like Arabic, Chinese, English, Japanese, etc. Also, you can edit the subtitle track timings.

    2. Transcribe YouTube videos using Google Docs. This free online document editor has an AI-powered voice-to-text transcription service that converts YouTube audio to text in real time. Just open Google Docs, tap Tools, and select Voice Typing. Then, choose a mic and play the video while translating it on Google Docs.

    3. Another top pick to transcribe a YouTube video is Auto Subtitle Generator. As you've seen, it's relatively easy to use and will transcribe all YouTube audio to text word-for-word in high accuracy. You can also manually apply subtitles and captions to videos. Other upsides? Of course! This YouTube video editor comes with many basic and advanced editing features to take your videos into a whole new level.

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As an avid YouTuber, I hardly have enough time on my hands to create subtitle tracks for my videos. But makes it super-duper easy for me to do that. I also love the simplicity of this website. Recommended to all YouTubers!

Mary Ann
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I run a fitness vlog with subscribers from all parts of the world. Initially, some viewers used to struggle to get the point and do the right thing. helps me transcribe all my voice narrations into actionable words. My students can now learn at their own pace.

Godfrey the Teacher
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This is the best online software to transcribe a YouTube video. I enjoy the excellent accuracy since most words don't get lost in the noise. Cool!

Simon Jacob
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If you have poor English listening skills, this online app should help. I occasionally use it to transcribe YouTube video to text without losing any words. I'm happy it also supports Arabic!

Abdul Malik
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It's straightforward to use and effective at what it does. lets me transcribe any video to English without even pressing a button. But please add the function to edit texts in batch. All in all, it's terrific.

Claire M
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