There are many file formats which you will get across in the field of computers, but it is not necessary that every other file extension is worth the use. In most of the cases, when you try to print something on a printer, then the image gets stored in the EMF extension on the hard disk. Thus, it is essential to convert EMF to PNG extension as the following file format is considered to possess higher quality and resolution, and it can easily be shared across various social interaction platforms.

Part 1. 8 Best Online Converter for EMF to PNG

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Convertio is a web converting site which provides great GUI features and you will find it very helpful during the conversion of EMF to PNG. This site offers you a chance to upload files from different sources viz. URL, Google Drive, Drop Box or from personal computer. At a single time, you get to upload 100 MB files. The overall speed of conversion is very fast, thus you get to finish different types of projects in a very short amount of time span.

Main Features:

  • During the conversion process, you don’t have to download any additional plug-ins.
  • The site provides impeccable functioning of PHP API which provides great aid in troubleshooting.
  • You also get in-depth knowledge about the problems which you might face during file uploading.
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Zamzar provides you impeccable service of drag and drop, thus you get to upload your files in a fast manner. This online convertor software also provides a great number of formats to choose from. You also get an opportunity to get the converted file straight on your email account. The services of this site are free of cost, all you require is fast internet connectivity. You also get an opportunity to share the converted files straight on several online platforms.

Main Features:

  • You get to add files from URL and straight from your personal computer.
  • The site is elementary to navigate; thus, you don’t have to have in-depth knowledge about file conversion.
  • You can also go for subscription services where you will get a newsletter on your email account regarding features added on the web portal.
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Aconvert is an online converter where you get a chance to upload EMF files through various platforms viz. personal computer, Dropbox, etc. You also get an opportunity to acquire wide varieties of image resizing facility. The site offers easy steps with which you can effectively convert the file in your desired format. During the conversion, you don’t have to face any advertisements which make the process easy. The online converter site also provides information about the files which are converted; this will give you a chance to keep right track.

Main Features:

  • You can upload up to 200 MB of files at a single time.
  • The converted files can also be stored on Google Drive or Drop Box.
  • All of your queries will get sorted through search analysis and frequently asked questions.
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Coolutils offers EMF to PNG conversion at a high rate, and the site provides a secure extension. Thus there is nothing to fret about, and the process will compete at a fast pace. You get to sort your every query through a toll-free number, email, YouTube, or other social media platforms. The converting site also provides you great option to resize and rotate option. This site offers only three initial steps with which you can easily convert the EMF file extension to PNG.

Main Features:

  • This site provides informational videos with which you can sort your queries out.
  • You can also acquire customized services for image conversion.
  • You can use the service of this online software on Windows 7/10/ Vista etc.
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Cloud Convert


Cloudconvert is a site which provides more than five platforms for file uploading during the conversion of EMF to PNG extension. You get to upload files from PC, Box, Google Drive, URL, One Drive, and DropBox. This site supports near about 218 formats for the file conversion process. You get to acquire the conversion process on your Windows and laptop and iOS device. This online software converter also provides status information about the projects which you have undertaken in the past.

Main Features:

  • You get to acquire the services of cloud API which provide full conversion of files over the cloud platform.
  • You can go through blogs if you need to acquire much information.
  • This site also follows the GDPR norms; thus, there is nothing to fret about the safety of your file.
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Free Files Convert


Freefileconvert provides a great deal of privacy to you as it thoroughly complies with confidentiality norms. The site uses cookies, personal and used data without violating the privacy policies. Thus there is nothing to fret about it. You can also acquire genuine, guidance services while you undertake EMF to PNG conversion. This site also provides various tools viz. splitting, compressing, encrypting, etc. You can contact the team of professionals around the clock through email processing. will make you aware of several formats through blogs.

Main Features:

  • You get to choose up to 5 files or near about 300 MB at a single time interval.
  • The quality of the converted file is maintained; thus, there is nothing need to worry about.
  • When you register on the site, then you get to acquire added features viz. notifications, and you can also refer to your usage charge.
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Online Convert Free


At Onlineconvertfree you will be able to see detailed info-graphics about how to convert EMF to PNG file extension. The uploading and conversion process is fast and you don’t have to come across advertisements. You don’t have to worry about the security of your files while you upload them since the site basically follows GDPR norms and it is SSL secured.

Main Features:

  • Here you will be offered quick uploading through drag and drop facility.
  • For the process of image conversion, no essential software is required on your system.
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Picture Resize

URL: is online software which provides excellent GUIs, and the site can be easily navigated. Thus, it will be effortless to convert EMF to PNG. You can upload images in batch and can also turn them in any size. During the conversion process, you can even change the size of the image as well as color hue. You can either take a free trial or premium software. In a free trial, you will be offered various features viz. email assistance and no limit to upload an image.

Main Features:

  • You can add watermarks on the converted images.
  • This online software provides you an opportunity to upload images in batch mode.

Part 2. More Information on EMF File

What is an EMF file extension?

Microsoft Inc initially develops it. EMF is an extension to files saved by Microsoft Operating System when you give a command to print a file, and another is already in the process. So, to stack up against the data, software caches the spool files and saves it in the .emf format. This format stores the image in a smaller size, and it is an excellent alternative to RAW files like AI or EPS. However, it is a Vector image, so for easy access, you need to convert EMF to a PNG file. The EMF format is an extension to WMF format files, but they are different as EMF is 32-bit while WMPF is 16-bit.

Description Chart

File Extension .emf
File Category Vector Image
Example File Download example .emf file (8.3MB)
Associated Programs MS Word, MS Publisher, QuarkXPress
Developer Microsoft Inc.


EMF format is useful for taking snapshots on or printing images from your windows, but when it comes to edit or transfer the files, it won’t be the best format. Thus, you will need an EMF to PNG converter so that you can convert your EMF image into PNG format which not only allows you to make a preferable change in resolution, dimensions, etc. but it also creates lossless compressions. So, you can use any of these best converters discussed above to convert your images from EMF to PNG.

Are you looking for a PNG image converter to convert image to PNG file? Wondershare UniConverter could convert image format to PNG easily.

Wondershare UniConverter
  • · Support multiple images conversion.
  • · Supports JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF image format.
  • · Convert pictures to PNG or specific devices formats without any trouble.
  • · Transfer converted files from PC/Mac to external devices easily via a USB cable.
  • · Versatile toolbox combines Image Converter, GIF maker, video compressor and screen recorder, and others.
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