Cartoon pictures are also known as caricature or animated pictures. The cartoon-style photos have geometric shapes, vibrant colors, thick outlines, and an artistic look. You can create flawless cartoon-style pictures with the help of a photo-to-cartoon converter.

There are diversified tools that can help you with cartoonize images. Yet, the most reliable to use among them is Wondershare AILab. With this exclusive and tech-savvy tool, you can cartoonize images with little effort. This article will also guide you about the types of cartoon-style photos and why they are so popular.

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Part 1: What is a Cartoon Style Picture

An illustrative style picture drawn from simplified styles is known as a cartoon picture. From vibrant colors to bold outlines, everything has noticeable details in cartoon pictures. These types of pictures are not limited to humans as you can also create cartoons of your pets of favorite view. Moreover, the trend of cartoon photos is increasing day by day, and people love to take part in it.

You can convert your face into a Disney princess or a barbie with the help of tools that can create cartoon images. It is a fun and entertaining way to represent yourself on virtual platforms.

overview of the cartoon-style picture

Part 2: What are the Types of Cartoon Style Photos

There are several types of cartoonize images in the market from the start. You can see some of them with the brief discussion here:

  • Traditional Style Cartoon

At the earliest, cartoons were embedded with exaggerated features and thick bold outlines. These were the simplified form of cartoons. You can take the help of several brush techniques and high-quality ink. This will aid you in creating these types of cartoons flawlessly.

  • Anime Style Cartoon

Anime and manga are very diverse types of cartoons globally. People prefer to watch anime with a great storyline and high pixels, like Ghibli Studios. They originated in Japan and have several uncommon features. It included large eyes, stylized and colored hairs, with detailed clothes.

  • Disney Style Cartoon

Disney or Pixar animations hold their name high in the list of high-quality animation pictures. They often use high-quality and realistic-looking characters along with polished features. Moreover, there are extensive emotions and storytelling embedded in its films. The captivating colors, along with complex and precise details, also make Disney characters more eye-catching.

  • Minimalist Style Cartoon

Minimalist-style cartoons are often created with simpler shapes and common colors. They are mostly seen in social media posts, memes, and other daily routine social media stuff. These cartoon pictures are perfect for sharing an idea or a message with the world.

  • Caricature Style Cartoon

The caricature represents the characters in comical depictions. They are used in celebrity portraits or political commentary. They present extra-large noses too high and small bodies. Along with that, every feature of them is quite exaggerated.

Part 3: Why Cartoon-Style Photos are Gaining So Much Popularity

In recent years, cartoon-style photos have gained so much popularity. You must be wondering about its cause. Have a look below to discover the factors that are escalating its popularity:

  • Cartoon-style photos add a taste of uniqueness to your social media profile. It also makes the simple photo more appealing and makes your profile stand out.
  • These photos are trendy on social media, so you out to follow a trend when you upload a cartoon image. Moreover, it is also an entertaining way to express yourself along with the emotion of other people.
  • The cartoon images are more visually appealing than the simple photos. The illustrative colors, along with funny and interactive features, make them more accessible. It also shapes your simple profile into an active and friendly one.
  • You can personalize your cartoon avatar without any problem. From facial features to clothes, everything can be molded to your liking. It also illustrates your unique style and is known to be the best self-expression tool.

Part 4: The Best Tool to Cartoonize Images in Multiple Styles and High Quality

The cartoon images are accessible to all age groups. It also helps you show yourself on social media without issues. If you want to style a photo cartoon, you have to use a tool that offers you a full customization option. Wondershare AILab serves as the best tool for creating high-quality cartoon avatars. As Wondershare AILab is an online tool, so you don't have to download it on your device.

Above all, you can perform several types of image modifications with it. This tool lets you remove unwanted objects from the background, upscale images, and make a 3D cartoon picture. You can also apply sketch and art filters to your photos. It also has modernized head-bobbing effects for users. If you are a Marvel fan, you can also create an American animation-style Marvel and DC character of yours.

How to Cartoonize Images with Wondershare AILab

Are you wondering how to use this tool to create your cartoon picture? Follow the straightforward steps instructed below to convert your images into cartoons:

Step 1: Access Wondershare AILab and Add Picture

Open the browser of your device and search for "Wondershare AILab." From the list of tools, select the tool of your choice. It can include the "3D Cartoon Face Maker/Cartoon Face Maker/Photo To Sketch." Once you are on the interface of the selected tool, scroll down and click on "Local File." Following this, import the image of your choice.  

select your cartoon maker tool

Step 2: Customize the Cartooned Image

Once the upload is done, the tool will start processing and will display a cartoon picture on the screen. You can also go to the "Emotion" tab and select the emotion you want to express in the picture. Following this, go to "Category" and select the category. Once done with all the desired selections, click on "Start to Process."

choose the desired emotion

Step 3: Download the Cartoon Picture

Following this, you will see the image with your customized implementations. Next, click on the "Download" button to save the cartoon image on the device.

press the download button

To wrap things up, a cartoon-style photo is one of the interactive and engaging types of photo that you can post on social media. There are many types of cartoon photos, such as minimalist and anime. You can use cartoon makers to create cartoon images. Such photo types help maintain privacy and anonymity. You can use the exclusive tool named Wondershare AILab Cartoonizer AI to create cartoon images. The steps to create a cartoon photo from a simple photo are also listed above for your ease.

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