The power of music is beyond the perception of masses. They fail to understand that integrating music onto the daily-life videos we usually see impose far more qualities and improvements in the video than imagined. People consider the option to add music to video over a range of benefits. While considering the norms of adding music in the background of your video during its production, users usually focus on the perceptions of the video along with encrypting a message within the music to allow viewers to understand the logic behind the video. This article shall discuss the importance of add background music to a video online and understand the available platforms over their available methods to enhance the video with effects and animations.

Choosing the perfect background music for the video is a difficult thing to decide when realized. Thus, it is important to recognize several important points while selecting the best music soundtrack so that users can add background music to their videos. Several important tips are to be followed before we can discover the best platforms with soundtracks to add them to the video. Firstly, the goal of the video is one of the most important factors to understand before deciding the background music for the video. Videos with an explanatory message should constitute a gentle soundtrack, whereas videos with promotional content should add such music to their videos that presents inspiration.

After deciding over the goal of the video, it is necessary to understand the target audience when deciding on what to add background music to a video clip. People do vary in the taste of music, so the editors should be aware of the age group that is being targeted in the video. For instance, children go for such content and sounds that are funnier and engaging while an older age group inclines more on pop music when finalizing the background audio for the video clip. The video tone is another essential factor that is to be considered when we figure out background music to add in the video. It is necessary to analyze what the user wants its audience to feel. It can range from inspirational to informative or entertaining. This effectively helps users decide over which clips they want their audio added to.

The background music that is being added should always match with the style of the video. If we background music that is more hip-hop while the footage represents a forlorn subject, it won't fit. We always need to consider the right tone of music for the video. Many sources can be considered over the question of how to add background music to a video. They are as follows:

  • YouTube Audio Library:This platform is among the most common and used platforms, which consist of 150 royalty-free soundtracks, audio clips, and sound effects, which are of high quality at about 320kbps. This is one of the most common sites considered for video editing.
  • AudioJungle: A website well-known for its royalty-free content includes incredible soundtracks, effects, and clips. It also allows users to sell their clips on the website.
  • Epidemic Sounds: This platform is highly known for its easy-accessible content and improved search functionality. It provides the best audio, which would completely fit on the video content.
  • Free Music Archives: Well-known for its range of audio content, this public domain constitutes 1500 tracks that can be used in a variety of situations for free but with a restricted application.

Part 2. Add Background Music to a Video with Online Uniconverter

The question comes to the point for users where they ask on how do I add background music to a video. There are several existing video editing tools available, yet it usually gets difficult for users to cope with the current dynamics who are beginners in the field. Thus, Online UniConverter ( provides the ultimate solution to integrate video with background music with its all-purpose editor that we usually find in advanced video editing tools. This platform provides a secure environment for users who post content for having it processed. Over the question for the best background music video editor, Online UniConverter provides with the open option to add video and audio format of any kind available and extract the video in any format required. This easy to operate and highly accessible online platform is an ultimate solution to add music to video without any technical difficulties or advanced features. Unlike other online platforms and downloadable video editing tools, Online UniConverter is a free and completely accessible website without any package subscriptions, which make it a very popular product in the online market for adding background music. For understanding the answer to adding background music to a video, there are a few simple steps that are required to be understood at first?

  • Importing the files:The question of adding music within videos is a simple one that comes with the fulfillment of three simple steps. The first step calls upon the importing of the video from the device directory or sharing the URL of the video.
  • Adding the Audio file:The background music that is to be added after downloading it from a certain website needs to be searched and added at first. The user can then edit the audio accordingly.
  • Downloading the file:Users can easily preview or download the file, which answers the question of adding background music to the video.


The article commemorates the need for background music in audio and provides the best available platforms to have the background music downloaded. It also focuses on the best online available platform for adding music features with ease.

Kendra D. Mitchell
Kendra D. Mitchell Mar 22, 23
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